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This article comes straight from www.aaronandpartners.com who are solicitors in Cheshire. For any legal advice, make sure to use them.

Why Use Us?

We won’t drown you in legal detail. We’ll quickly understand your business, your personal situation and your objectives. We’ll analyse what’s going on, tell you what the legal issues are and provide considered advice on the practical and commercial consequences.

Why are we successful? Our lawyers understand the wider context and implications, not just their specific area of expertise and how that will affect you or your business. They understand how transactions work and can put the legal processes to work to solve your problem, or to persuade the people that need to be persuaded.

When you are faced with life’s most important decisions we can help you make confident, informed choices. We do this by providing advice that is easy to understand. We provide a plan that moves you closer to your objectives, keeping you involved at every stage.

We make things happen.

About Us

We help businesses and those who own and run them.  At our core, we are a business law firm. We offer advice to companies, partnerships and individuals.

We are a top 200 law firm with more than 20 recommendations from the two main independent legal directories, Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners. We have built a strong reputation for providing high quality, results-focused advice across all key legal disciplines.

We offer business advice to clients on commercial contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate restructuring, employment law, dispute resolution, finance, banking, professional practices, warehousing and logistics, transport, commercial property, planning, energy, renewables, minerals & mining, waste management, insolvency, licensing and academies.

In addition, our thriving Private Client Services team provides insightful, considered advice to help individuals protect their wealth and resolve family matters. This includes wills, trusts and tax matters; sensitive advice on family and matrimonial issues such as pre-nuptials, divorce and the financial aspects of it; residential conveyancing; public notary and lasting powers of attorney. Our team also includes Chester’s only Court of Protection Panel Deputy.

As well as operating on a regional and national level across the UK, we are a member of the International Advisory Group, an international network of more than 60 professional advisory firms. Wherever your business, financial or personal affairs take you, Aaron and Partners has the ability and the relationships to help.

We aim to recruit and develop the best lawyers who are not just technically excellent in their areas of expertise, but who will make the effort to understand your business and objectives and work with you to achieve your goals.

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Financial Negligence Claims against Financial Advisors

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Financial negligence claims could of multiple types and could be against any party involved in the long trail of your financial matters. However, some of the most difficult financial claims are against financial advisors. Since they are only “advisors”, it is perceived that they cannot be held accountable or a general impression is that nothing can be proven against them. Although, it is true that of all financial negligence cases, the ones against advisors are the tough ones, but the good news is that they are not impossible. Financial advisors can be held accountable and a valid claim against them can always be proven in a court of law and they can be made to pay for their negligence. In the following part of this article, we describe a few possible scenarios/types of financial advisors’ negligence for which a case could be made against them. Read more…


3 Tips When Dealing With A Lawyer

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There are many categories of lawyer such as civil litigation lawyer, family lawyer, tax lawyer, personal injury lawyer and digital media and internet lawyer. They are here to help you with any sort of problems you are having, and the only way to solve is legally. They all are highly trained and experts in the field of commerce, law, and accounting. It could be that you are facing problems with taxes since the tax is a complex thing. You can hire a tax attorney to do the work. They will even help you by reducing your tax amount so that you can save money. To receive their help, you need to hire one. Here are some basic tips when dealing with them.

You Need To Like Them Personally

It means that you can find someone has an excellent reputation, and people are eager to hire him. You are the fortunate one who got the chance to make him do your legal work. Do not excited because it may happen that you do not like his attitude. It is a must that you like the way they talk and interact with you. If you find someone moody, get rid of him. You are paying them, and they are going to be working for you. You need a friendly person with whom you can open up all your issues. An educated one may be able to solve your case but if you are going to be afraid to talk to him you might as well cancel him before hiring him.

Do Not Argue With Them

The client needs to understand the lawyer only wants good for everybody. He is not your enemy, and a proficient lawyer will only tell you the truth and not what you want to hear. For example, you made a mistake of hiring an accountant to do your tax; they will suggest you get a tax lawyer. You may think he is only doing that because the tax agent will pay him. It is not true. They only want to help you. Do not start an argument with them because they are the experts here. No matter what question you have, ask in a descent manner.

Have Some Knowledge

A lawyer will have a hard time if you know nothing related to legal issues and your case. Try to learn a bit from the internet or the books. It will help you both. There are many necessities, actions, and directions a client needs to follow. Do not expect him to teach you everything.


The Role of a Real Estate Lawyer

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If you are thinking of buying a home, what are you going to do? You are going to gather a big amount of money and choose a house like and pay the seller. It is not that easy. You are not buying your grocery. There are a lot of steps involved, and only a real estate lawyer can help you with them. Here is how he will assist you.

Deal with problems

The original way of buying a home is that the broker goes in into a brokerage agreement with a real estate negotiator, generally in writing. If he can get an appropriate purchaser like you, discussions are led by the agent. The agent is the in-between here. A lawyer is going to be by your side when you are facing troubles. For example, you picked the wrong mortgage, or the seller is asking for a high price that the real estate lawyer is aware.

Get the documents

There are papers involved in the buying and selling of a house. One of the most important documents is the purchase agreement. Typically, the forms are made at a standard level, and you will not be able to able to understand many things especially if you are buying for the first time. They can even make alterations where they spot something wrong in the documents. Regular people cannot do that.

Look for everything legal

They would make sure if any changes done to the home was legal. If you are going to buy and make a change, the real estate lawyer is going to make sure that is legit. His presence makes all the paperwork and the home completely lawful such as the down payment and the legal consequences and the closing of the sale.

If you are taking a loan

It is not possible to buy a place with money that is ready in cash, you need to take a loan or mortgage from a bank. It is going to be hard for you to deal with the paperwork of the bank and you will need some assistance. In fact, the best person to take with you to the bank is the real estate lawyer.

During the closing

A real estate lawyer is a must during the closing of a property. It means everything has been settled, and now the home is yours. It could be that you did not take help during the purchase but he should be there when the buying is done. He will help you with many other things like review the title search for a title insurance.

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Things That You Should Never Hide From Your Lawyer

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You should understand the lawyer is not a psychic, and they do not know everything about you. They are not your family member or you friend. A new person will not be able to tell much about you unless you open up. Lawyers can deal with various types of cases. They will make you the winner against your opponent. If you are going to lie to them, it is going to be bad for you, and if you tell them the truth, it is going to be easy to solve the case.

Here are five things you cannot hide from your lawyer.

If you are not a citizen

It can create confusion with the work if you do not make it clear. They will not remember to ask you, or it is not a part of their job to ask you about where you live. They would consider you are living in the UK because that is where they see you! If you are from another country, or you do not have the British citizenship, then do not forget to tell your lawyer by yourself. Do not wait for him to ask you that.

If you are guilty

Whether you are innocent or not, do not shy away from telling him. He is like a doctor who is going to need to know which part of your body is having problems and needs surgery. The only thing the doctor aims for making you better, and this is what the lawyer will do exactly. He is going to know the bad things about you, but that does not mean he is not going to fight for you in the court.

If the same thing happened before

It is important that you tell all about your past because the lawyer does not know you from your birth. He may not even know you a few minutes ago. Knowing how you solved the case earlier will help him deal with the case and get you out of it without any trouble.

If you have any financial problem

Do not forget to talk about money because they are not working for free. Tell them how much are you willing to pay and if you are alright with the fees. Negotiate before hiring him for the case. Most people who did not discuss the payment earlier had to face issues later on. They will study your case and tell you how much you need to pay them.

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